shuhannazy asked:

I appreciate it. No worries at all. I appreciate you being polite about it. A lot of people aren't. And I know you didn't claim them (which is appreciated) I just know most prefer to be asked or credited. No big deal Thanks :3

Well I feel better now :)

shuhannazy asked:

Hey. Just wanted to let you know I've seen you repost other people's posts and gifs, including my own. If you would please not do that it would be very nice. If you want to make a master post of something ( put together smaller posts) we just ask that you give credit. As a fandom we try to be respectful of eachother a work and I'm sure you understand. Thanks a lot dear. Have a good day.

I’m very sorry, I usually try to credit everyone when I post something, but when I made that post I was running late for a lesson and I didn’t have time :( I tried to include the name of the blog in some of the screen caps, but I understand that it isn’t the same thing.
I obviously wasn’t trying to claim those pictures as mine, but to point out how creative and talented this fandom is (but I assume that you understood my intentions, from the very nice and polite way in which you pointed out the problem).

I know that now it’s probably too late, but I have just arrived home and I can now credit all the talented bloggers I took the pictures from:

In order:

I am afraid this didn’t hope this fixed my mistake in some way.
I wish you a good day as well :)